The Belle Evolution was born after the founder, Jessica Ndenda, searched for events where she could talk about what she was struggling with, let her hair down and have some time out and talk about the hard parts to get practical solutions, but didn't find one. She found herself amongst man-hating, impractical and totally OTT events, or boring networking events that attracted a crowd with no valuable connections for my space.
After winning a major award in 2019 for her other business Olive Louise Social, the process of story telling and being forced to talk about such things, meant an instrumental change of thinking in her own journey. At the same time, many clients and women in her business circle had a tough year, both personally and professionally and Jess found herself constantly a sounding board for the same ideas and thoughts.
Combine this with having a fourth baby and people throwing constant sympathy at her for being a working mum, instead of recognising how a woman's identity has changed and that she WANTS to be a working mum and that is perfectly ok...
She threw her hands in the air one night and decided to 'set up' all these people in a room. People she knew would get value out of connecting and people she knew could do with an open discussion and cutting the fluff out of some real issues.
Despite no intentions of continuing these events, it was very well received. The women who connected in business and personally, and from there a tribe was born.
Now these events are held on the last Wednesday of every month and pride themselves of bringing some of Brisbane's best women in business and leadership together to cut the small talk and start a very real conversation. Whilst having a good time doing it!
These events are powerful, meaningful, inspiring and motivating. I have attended two events so far and I'm hooked. The speakers and attendees are empowering and supportive and it's really valuable to hear different perspectives on how to deal with challenges going situations that arise for women in business. Jess is an absolute powerhouse and knows the intimate mechanics of small business strategy. She has a way with words and is a fantastic presenter so you can't help but hang on every word. Highly recommend if you are starting out in business and looking for a strong network of amazing women... or if you are killing it in business and want to share your success

Kate Lyons

"Fantastic events that encourage new connections and important conversations between women in business. I always leave the night feeling extremely grateful and inspired by the talks and the other boss-babes. The space allows you to be completely open and honest about the highs and lows we experience in business, it's so necessary and refreshing. HIGHLY recommend #TBE!"

Larissa Drazic

Jess I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for a fantastic evening. As a business owner entering into my 5th year I walked away feeling incredibly motivated with plenty of food for thought something I've recently struggled with. Connections were made, conversations were had and I can't tell you how much I needed it! Looking forward to the next one.

Aoife Ni Oban

These events are so incredible and Jess has really built an amazing, genuine and supportive community of inspiring women. It’s a rare thing to find a group that is so honest and willing to have conversations about their challenges, but The Belle Evolution is it.

Kirsty Visman