A Very Un-networky, Networking Event

The Belle Evolution events are about bringing women Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs together to get to the point, connect and have intentional conversations about real issues. And have a darn good time doing it!

Be part of a conversation, not getting talked at

You will not be stuck in a chair. Contribute to the conversation and connect with others.

Break the mould

We are not the same as men! We are different and need to break the mould of businesses and mindset to truly thrive.

Be 'Set up' with valuable connections

We will introduce you to connections that are helpful. We also have a no loner policy. You won't be left awkwardly standing solo.

Join a support network

Become part of a network focused on building up other women in every aspect.

Be part of a culture change

Start an important conversation about our challenges and what we can do about it.

Take ownership and create change

Business is not hard. Mindset is hard. Holding ourselves accountable and doing things differently is why we are here.

Get practical tools and skills

Learn the things you need to succeed from real businesswomen and expert speakers.

Enjoy a darn good party

Wine, cheese, music and great people. Need we say more.