Level up your circle

Business memberships and masterminds for those who are intentional about growing their business, changing the statistics of successful female entrepreneurs and believe in the power of peer to peer mentoring.

Our membership intake is very limited and will close in...


Because we have things to learn, friends to make and a business to grow so spit spot people!

Here is what ya need to know…

WHY did WE create 'another' membership?

We are not known for doing things like every one else, so our memberships are no different.
After seeing the community grow through our events, and a growing hunger for more intentional tools to help us grow from the wealth of knowledge that are our host, speakers and attendees, we decided to bring it all together. After a year of testing, brainstorming, focus groups, learning, saving, spending, and researching, we are so proud to say this space is unlike any other.
We cut to the chase and create tools and a community that help you grow your businesses to the next level, face the hard stuff, and get it done.

What do our memberships do?

Cut through the nonsense and get to the point

Connect groups of women at similar stages of business to connect, collaborate, support and learn together 

Provide resources, experts and mentors based on facts and experience.. not trends and unresearched woowoo

Facilitate sessions that make plans and hold you accountable to achieving your goals

Provide another solution to coaching/mentoring that is diverse to multiple business topics and needs

Have a darn good time doing all of the above


The Evolution Membership

This is a membership designed for business women building their businesses

The Big Lifer Mastermind

This is a membership designed for business women scaling their businesses

Not sure which membership is for you?

** Disclaimer – Rant loading…
 Measuring your business is NOT about how much money you make or the length of time you have been in business! It is completely individual and there is no bench mark for when or where you ‘should’ be… it is simply what stage you are at in business and what you need out of a membership at this stage.

You need to to have a proven product (even if you are a service provider because a growing business can’t just be your brain), a proven method to sell the product, a proven process for delivering the product with profitability, before you can scale. So these two groups represent that.

The end.

You belong in the EVOLUTIONER if you...

Are still building your business to see consistent income

Want a community of likeminded people to brainstorm with and keep you accountable

Are still developing your products and services and brand

Feel the lonely and uncertain in your business at times

You belong in the BIG LIFERs if you...

Want to mastermind with business owners at a similar stage of business and make an intentional plan of growth

Are seeing consistent income and are scaling your business

Are building a team of employees and/or are moving away from working in your business

Are registered as a company or plan to do so in the coming year

In other words...

Who else is a member?

You will find everyone from ecomerce business owners and service based businesses, to Doctors, Lawyers, Franchise Owners, Fashion Designers, Real Estate Agency owners and everything in between in the Belle community. As long as you have a business, are intentional about growing it and are not boring or mean, you can be a member.


Not ready to be a member but still want to party with us?

You totally can!

You can still come along to our regular events and connect with our community, hear from inspirational industry leaders and have a flopping good time!

Still not sure on the best option for you?

You can email our friendly team with any questions you have.