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Founder of Raw By Bek

Rebekah Strachan

Bek is the founder, creator, and chief inspiration officer of Raw by Bek, a series of group fitness class experiences designed to transform your body, fast! What started as an idea and little fitness class run out of a hired gym space soon exploded onto the fitness scene and
now boasts its own studio on the southside of Brisbane, as well as 8-Week body overhauls, an emerging apparel line, and online 28-day Booty program.

Renowned for being a bundle of energy and a zeal for life, Bek has set out to dramatically change the fitness industry as we know it. With what started as a dream to transform fitness classes into fitness and lifestyle experiences, Bek has taken an idea and turned it into a thriving business that now competes against the biggest names in the industry, all in her early 20’s!

She has now expanded internationally collaborating with brands such as Alo Yoga in the US. With a passion for people and making them the fittest and happiest they’ve ever been, Bek has an innate desire to change mindsets around health and fitness, all whilst pumping out revolutionary workouts paired with blood-pumping music and an electric atmosphere.

But what is truly inspiring about Bek is her resilience to not give up despite exorbitant challenges, to be unapologetically authentic in all she does and revolutionise her business model by thinking big and staying in her own lane.

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