Big Lifer Mastermind

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Big Lifer...

Masterminds done differently.

For CEO’s, Established business owners and Industry leaders.


A Big Lifer is someone who wants to do something big in this life. Earn big money, build a big business; lead an industry, impact people, change the world. It can consume everything you do and be lonely and exhausting. But when Big Lifers come together, they can help each other grow, support one another, and conquer.

What is the big lifer mastermind?

The mastermind membership is for CEO’s, established business women and Industry Leaders looking to get clarity on their growth strategy, accountability to set and reach goals and resources to learn to scale their business. 

How does The Big Lifers Mastermind do that? Here’s how:

Get a Plan

Dare to dream bigger. Get help to create a detailed growth plan, and then get it done.

Get Resources

Learn vital skills to level up from those who have done it before.

Get Connected

We believe the best mentors in the world are other business owners, walking alongside you.

If you want to level up your business, level up your circle.

What is included?

Monthly in-person Mastermind

A monthly mastermind that has been thoughtfully crafted into small groups that add equal value to each other.

Quarterly Conference Days

A full day to mastermind with the larger Big Lifer group and hear from incredible industry leaders.


A 30% discount on tickets to our bimonthly Belle Events, an opportunity to connect with our larger Brisbane community.

How does it work?

You will be thoughtfully placed into a mastermind group of 4-6 fellow business women. Together with Jess, you will work through a syllabus to understand what your ultimate goal is, then strategically plan out the necessary steps to get you there. Your facilitator will bring researched resources to the table to help you identify and create a detailed action plan, and then hold you accountable to it. 

The Big Lifer Syllabus will include things like:

Growth Strategies

Financial literacy and strategic decision making

Mindset and wellness

Personal development and education

Product development and diversification

Practical implementation skills such as leadership, staff performance management, marketing, and more…

WhaT happens in a mastermind?

  • We meet in person monthly. These dates are planned 6 months in advance.
  •  We take turns bringing a 15-minute presentation to share our area of expertise and/or strengths with the group.
  •  We brainstorm a topic from our syllabus, facilitated by our mastermind leader.
  • We each take time making plans, talking through our circumstances, problem-solving and brainstorming.
  • Based on this, we make a list of goals and action plans that go straight into our schedule.

What is a conference day?

A conference day is a, quarterly event, where you are given the opportunity to meet with the other Big Lifers outside of your immediate mastermind group. We hear from hand-selected speakers on a range of topics designed to support our business growth, and the day is fully catered.

In short: It is a day designed to equally inspire and spoil you; to be held accountable, celebrate, and plan with the wider Big Lifers Network.

Meet some of our conference day speakers

But what makes it really special...


Do not get me wrong, that is not an easy thing to say and I feel extremely wanky for doing so, but I really believe it.

I might not always have the right answers, I am scaling both my businesses too, but I am flopping good at asking the right questions and knowing how to find the answers. I can facilitate conversations unlike anyone else and I know it is what I am put on the earth to do.

There is no vague chat here or cliche answers. Expect to be challenged, held accountable and a strategic planning framework and researched information.

I have worked so hard on this product and I cannot wait to do this with you all.

Is the mastermind membership for me?

Are you a CEO, industry leader, established business owner, and want to connect with people at a similar stage of business?

Do you want to brainstorm with women who have done it, are doing it or are it?

Have you struggled to find business coaches, courses, friends or associates who can relate to you and offer help that is relevant?

Do you lack a plan and often feel like it is ten steps forward, ten steps back?

Does the idea of talking about cliche goal setting, mindset and marketing topics make you gag?

*P.S.A. You only need to answer YES to one. Do not do the thing that women statistically consistently do, which is talk yourself out of the criteria thinking ‘I am not good enough’. You are.


Most women are going to read the above list and do one of two things.

Option A. Not feel worthy to apply because thinking of yourself as a CEO or scaling your business feels wanky, but deep down you really want to be surrounded by business leaders you admire. Don’t. If you answered yes to 4/5 of those stop over thinking and click apply.

Option B. Know that is probably something they need, but have hacked their success so far so spending the money and time seems pointless and feel they are likely to be disappointed by the same coaches we hear on every guest podcast or event. In that case, know you are my people and this is a no business coach zone.

Trust me when I say, YOU are who I have worked flopping hard to craft this membership for. So come have a cuppa with me.

Jess  xx

Rant over. Kindly resume your regular scrolling programme.

How much is it?

6 month subscription

$ 495 Per Month
  • GST Excluded
  • 6 x monthly payments


$ 5799 Per Year
  • GST Excluded
  • 1 x discounted payment
Save $141

What if I want to add the
bi-monthly Brisbane events?

The mastermind membership includes a wine night on the alternate month to our infamous Brisbane Belle events many of you know and love. You can purchase these alongside your membership and know you have your membership and monthly event all ready to go and delivered to your inbox with ease.

6 month subscription

$ 567 Per Month
  • Including GST
  • 6 x monthly payments


$ 6231 Per Year
  • Including GST
  • 1 discounted payment
save $141

What's Next?

You click apply and fill out a short questionnaire.

We receive it and ensure all the applicants are going to match into powerful masterminds before accepting.

You receive your acceptance email and have 7 days to complete payment to secure your place.

After payment has been confirmed, years worth of dates and calendar invites land in your inbox, so that you can schedule accordingly.

We have the best year ever.

The End.

How long do I have to apply?

Our masterminds member intake is only open twice a year. 

Once intake is closed, we craft the mastermind groups and send out all details to our new Big Lifers. 

Our next mastermind membership intake is coming up in May 2023, after which the next intake is happening in January 2024…
Experience FOMO? Don’t miss your chance to join!


WhAT DO some of our curent Big Lifers SAY?

got questions ... we have answers

The monthly subscription is a 6 month commitment and the annual subscription is a 12 month commitment. After that you are welcome to renew or not.

Call us old fashioned but conversation flows, you are not distracted and brainstorming is much easier in person. And we like hugs and eating.

We are always based central in Brisbane across either the Valley, Newfarm or Newstead.

We take as much care as possible to make sure our groups are crafted with epic brainstorming, connection and shared experiences in mind. You will also have a chance to connect with the other mastermind groups often.

We started by hosting the Belle events in Brisbane monthly. These have now moved to bi-monthly and there is a members only event on the alternate month, so coming to both means you get the best of both worlds!

You will.

I have worked my flopping butt off to create an incredible space. But if you do not, simply reach out to one of our team and I am sure we can make an arrangement that is right for you.

Simply email the team at and we can curate a package based on the needs of your team.

Drop us an email at