The Belle Evolution is the leading community for women in business. But our events, workshops and memberships are unlike anything else you have seen before…

Real Connection

Real Conversation

Real Change

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Forget everything you know about awkward networking events where you awkwardly stare at your shoes while overhearing others shadow selling themselves.
The way we do business has changed over the years, and networking events need to change too. We need to be real with each other so we can evolve and create the change that women in business need.
We’re creating a safe space to share and support each other. We don’t just talk about our successes and achievements; we talk about the challenges and ask the hard questions others are scared to. We are intentional about learning and collaborating to become better business leaders and have a darn good party while doing it.
After struggling to find networking events that weren’t just for start-ups or conferences with thousands of people, The Belle Evolution was born. We are focused on bringing people together, starting real and intentional conversations that create change, and most importantly, enjoying hard-earned food and drink together.
Our events are aimed at business owners ready to level up. We want to inspire women to create their own versions of success, take risks and be raw about some of the real issues we face.

the belle evolution

what you need to know

How many attend the events?

80-100 women currently in attendance each month

When do they run?

We run regular live events, workshops and Coworking days across Australia. Check out events page to find an event near you!

What can I expect?

Plenty of food and drink, non awkward connection time, hearing from incredible speakers and a darn good party.

what if you need more?

What if you need more?

Check out our Memberships

Are you intentional about growing your business?

We have crafted a memberships for women at different points in business

Need a community of women doing the same?

We believe in peer to peer mentoring as well as investing in some of Australia’s leading business women to learn from

Need a plan?

Our syllabus, masterminds, workshops and conference days are designed to hold you accountable and provide the resources you need to level up

Brisbane's Leading Business Women

Some of our event speakers

what some of the belles had to say

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Events in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast